What separates logos from identity designs and branding?

At Theon, we don't just provide logo designs since we don't think that's in the best interests of our customers. We create brands, especially premium brands that translate your expertise into profit since we believe in offering the FULL SOLUTION. Indeed, we specialize in building brands for subject-matter experts.

In this Blog we will look at the following topics:

  1. What exactly is a brand?
  2. Definition of branding?
  3. What exactly is identity?
  4. What exactly is a logo?
  5. What does a corporation that designs brand identities do?
  6. Advantages of working with a brand identity design company.

What exactly is a brand?

The way your customers view your business is reflected in your brand. Your reputation, your values, your products, your marketing, and your customer service all have an impact on your brand. It is influenced by the way you treat your clients, how you are described in magazine articles, and how well your services are provided. Yes, it also includes your website, business cards, and logo. Every interaction a person has with your business influences how they view you. You own this brand.

Definition of branding?

The effort to change this perception is known as "branding." Although you have little influence over what others say about you online or on social media, you can try to come across positively. To affect the perception of premium-ness, our clients seek out our branding and design services. Through excellent branding and design, we help other companies stand out from the crowd and be more valued and superior to their rivals.

What exactly is identity?

A brand's aesthetic features make up its identity. Brand identity, often known as corporate identity or the visual identity system, is an integral component of a brand. When an organization interacts with you, the following elements of its identity design will be apparent to you:

  • The logo and its variants
  • Colour schemes
  • Fonts
  • Graphic iconography
  • Photography Style

Secondly, we give our clients access to a brand style guide, which is essentially a document that captures a business's identity using the right typography, colors, and other elements. This helps to keep everyone on the correct path.

What exactly is a logo?

An organization's logo serves as its mark or symbol.Being memorable is all that a logo needs to do. It serves as a reminder of all the occasions, experiences, and memories that individuals have had in connection with your business. The following are some further logos Theon has designed:

What does a corporation that designs brand identities do?

Theon Design uses strategy to develop your brand's visual components. These components include your logo, color scheme, font choice, image style, and overall aesthetic. These have to be distinctive to your business and appealing to your intended market. Our goal is to shape how the public perceives your company by developing a suitable, unified aesthetic.

Advantages of working with a brand identity design company. Perhaps you're a tiny business starting from scratch. If you've been in business for a while, you might be considering updating your current brand identification. You've come this far, after all! Is it worth spending money on better design? As, in the instance, of our client ABS GLOBAL, who contacted us for a brand renewal after years of operating their firm. It probably isn't worthwhile for small businesses like mom-and-pop shops, plumbers, mechanics, and dentists who only rely on personal recommendations from consumers and word-of-mouth marketing. Nobody cares if their visuals aren’t good as long as their service is outstanding.

However, you can profit from the work of a brand identity design agency like ours if you're in an unsparing business or a market where aesthetics can boost your revenue. If your objectives have changed, your audience has changed, or there is a new competition, you may need to renew your brand. Your previous identity design may give off the uneasy impression of being a little boring or out of date.

Brand strategy is necessary for great identity design. What that design system looks like should be based on your brand strategy. We at Theon will ask you several questions throughout our brand discovery and brand strategy workshops, such as:

  1. What's the main concept driving your company?
  2. What's the purpose of this?
  3. What are your principles and methods of operation?
  4. Who are the other rivals in your market?

Always giving companies a personality and human characteristic, we treat them as though they were real people. Consequently, how would your company behave if it were a real person?
Next, consider whom you are trying to attract as a consumer. What do they want and need from your company, and how would they react?
In addition to getting consumers to use your products and services, branding's goal is to turn them into rabid Super-Fans. Your brand identity will take on shape as a result of insights into both you and them. You can tell you have an outstanding brand on your hands when your design brings the two parties together.


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